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Welcome to Berzo – the new confectionery company offering high quality, great value, halal sweets. We are confident that our sweets are flying off the shelves as we only offer the best quality sweets at reasonable prices. What more could you ask for?

We have a great range of sweets available from the classic strawberry flavours, cola sweets and mixed fruit rings to the fruity toffee and lollipops with bubble gum inside. There are treats for everyone!

All of our sweets are so tasty that we can understand you will want to keep them for yourselves. However, we are firm believers that sweets are a great product to share. Friends, family, boys, girls, everyone loves sweets and we think everyone should be able to join in the fun. As a confectionery company that wants to include everyone we supply halal sweets so that no-one has to be left out of the sharing.

It’s not just kids that love sweets either, adults are more in touch their kid side these days and don’t think twice about munching on a few strawberries or the odd lollipop. In fact if you keep an eye on the adults at a kids party you will notice them dipping into the sweets from time to time. The market for confectionery is therefore huge and just waiting for excellent quality sweet to come along. We provide those high quality sweets and you have the chance to supply them to eager boys and girls (and men and women). We make sure that we keep our prices lower than our competitors meaning that you get the best deal around.

We are always on the look out for new distributors to join our growing Berzo family. As a distributor you will not only have fantastic range of products to distribute but you can also be confident in the quality of the products. Kids and adults love Berzo sweets! We are so confident in the quality of our sweets that as a confectionery company we also offer outstanding service and fast delivery so that you can supply our sweets to your customers in no time at all. If you want to get in on the Berzo action and start distributing these high quality tasty treats then get in contact with us today by phone, email or by the form on our Contact Us page. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Confectionery Facts

Berzo is pleased to offer a vast range of Halal Sweets for the UK market. Being the manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor means there is no middle man, we supply halal sweets at very competitive prices alongside unbeatable quality and reliable service. From fruit flavoured jelly sweets, to chewy sticks, Lollipop, our sweets do not contain gelatin and alcohol based colourings and flavours! The red halal sticker in the packages with the word Halal will be noticeable on the shelf.

Kids love our tasty halal sweets with interesting shapes such as teeth’s, skulls, bones, watermelons, tennis balls and many more. Berzo Halal sweets will sure make a difference in your store. The jelly candies comes with their own display rack. All our sweets are available to buy online.